Getting Involved with Research
(outside honours)

Pain Medicine
Infectious Disease
Palliative care
Radiation Oncology
General Practice
Respiratory Med and Sleep
Medical Oncology
Gen Med

Find a topic that YOU are fascinated by!

It is important that you are passionate about the topic – try to not get involved in a project you don’t care about! 

If you need help finding a topic or brainstorming, the best way is to contact researchers in your area who may point you in the right direction!

Find a researcher in your area of interest

  1. Through JCU: click here.
  2. Through TUH for specific department research leads: click here.
  3. Through TUH for general enquiries: click here.
  4. Through CBH for HP Research Fellow: click here.

Contact potential supervisors

Depending on your topic/area of interest, use above emails to find a potential project you could assist with.

Alternatively if you have a project or idea of your own, and are looking for a supervisor – JCU is the best place to ask!

Pathways to Research

Steps for Research via JCU CMD

Create a free account with ResearchWeb by clicking on the icon above and use the "matchmaking" feature to find out about opportunities from doctors and researchers looking for student involvement. We are in the midst of transitioning to LearnJCU so keep your eyes peeled for updates!

If you haven't had any success with ResearchWeb, try ResearchGate by clicking on the icon above. Create a profile and see what researchers in your area are doing!

JCU Academics also have an updated list you can see here (link to be available).

Steps for Research via JCU TUH/CBH/MBH

Step 1: Send an Email

For TSV, email a brief description of a potential research topic and a list of any research experience to:

[email protected]

OR for CNS:
[email protected] (for CBH) OR
[email protected] (for CNS JCU contact)

Step 2: Contact JCU CMD

Once you have found a project and superior, contact the JCU CMD either via JCUMSA Research Officer or the portal created on the JCUMSA website (see below) - it doesn't matter if you aren't completing a project within JCU, we would still appreciate you letting us know so we can support you in any way we can!


Approach a researcher that is working in a field of interest and see if there is the possibility of contributing to an existing project – use one of the links above!

Contact the JCUMSA research officer for any questions/concerns, or to sign up to the Research Workshops mailing list. 

Research Outside Honours?

Please let us know if you are involved in any research activities outside honours by filling out the form below. Please note that JCU does not want to control or monitor what you are doing – but would like to be aware so we can better support our students. Remember that we have a duty to our students, whilst external parties may not.

Join the Mailing List!

Please fill out the following form to be added to the mailing list as coordinated by the JCUMSA Research Officer.