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The James Cook University Medical Students Association (JCUMSA) was established in 2000 and is the peak representative body for medical students studying at JCU.

JCUMSA advocates for students on three levels. We work with the medical school locally to advocate about assessment, student feedback and improvements to our medical course. We work with the QLD Medical Students Council (QLDMSC) to advocate on a state level regarding changes to internships and during state elections. On a national level we work with the Australian Medical Students Association (AMSA) attending National Council and advocating on behalf of our students on national issues!

JCUMSA promotes and supports the well-being and interests of ALL our students irrespective of differences including, but not limited to gender, race, age, sexual orientation and/or religion.

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Our Constitution

JCUMSA is a student organisation with student officials elected by the students for which it exists to serve. Everything we do is in abiding by the objectives and rules set out in our Constitution.
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2019 JCUMSA Team Elections close at 12PM! Last chance to vote - view voting link in your emails! ... See MoreSee Less

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Shoeys were promised and shoeys were delivered. Thanks to all who came to our med 1/med 2 mixer at UniClub, organised by the incredible JCUMSA Year 1 and Year 2 Events Reps - Tanish John, Celine Jessica Lee, Sarah Barton and Teij Beharee.
Special mention to the Year 2 team for rowing so well - there was a split-second difference but the second years came through with the win for our boat races.
Check out the pics from the evening taken by the lovely Malki Senanayake; tag away!
Let us know if you'd like any photos taken down.

See you around,
- JCUMSA Events Team
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Shoeys were promised and shoeys were delivered. Thanks to all who came to our med 1/med 2 mixer at UniClub, organised by the incredible JCUMSA Year 1 and Year 2 Events Reps - Tanish, Celine, Sarah and...

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Thank you to all who came to CCCP 2018! Enjoy these photos from the night, held at the beautiful MarinaView Terrace at Hilton Cairns. A big thank you to Hilton for hosting us. Thank you also to Kool Bario for providing the entertainment for the evening.
All credits for the night go to incredible Matilda Richardson, Homya Bolla, Aakanksha Desai and Priya Ash who organised the whole event. They're the amazing team of reps who ensured that CCCP 2018 was a great night.
Enjoy these photos! Tag away.
See you next year - your JCUMSA Events Team
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Thank you to all who came to CCCP 2018! Enjoy these photos from the night, held at the beautiful MarinaView Terrace at Hilton Cairns. A big thank you to Hilton for hosting us. Thank you also to Kool B...

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Our website is back up and running! Get your tickets for INPsych’s info night now! jcumsa.org.au/index.php/store ... See MoreSee Less

As an organisation dedicated to the discipline of psychiatry, the INPsych team would like to acknowledge that it is world suicide prevention day. A simple conversation can make a huge impact in the li...

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Our team is currently working really hard to resolve some issues with our website. While we get this fixed, if you would like to purchase a ticket to CCCP or INPsych info night, please message us to reserve your spot! ... See MoreSee Less

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JCUMSA thanks the following sponsors for their support in 2018

Our Team


Maisha Jamali
Maisha is a 4th year medical student currently based in Cairns. She has been involved in JCUMSA from her early days in the degree and was the JCUMSA secretary in 2017. As president this year, she endeavours to work assiduously to enhance the medical student experience at JCU through academics, events and advocacy to make 2018 a magnificent year. Despite the mounting pressures of the degree, Maisha is never hesitant on taking time out to mingle, so don’t be shy if you see her around, come say hi!
E: president@jcumsa.org.au
Darren Lam
Academic Vice President
Darren is a 4 th year medical student based in Townsville and is your Academic Vice-President for 2018. During the year, he will oversee and collaborate with JCUMSA’s Academic Team to provide you with a vast array of academic events for your enjoyment. Moreover, his role entails being the medical students’ voice for all concerns pertaining to the curriculum. Whilst echoing the desires of medical students he will strive to resolve issues with medical staff to improve your medical experiences. As such, feel free to chat with him for any of your student needs!
Tara Salvador
Events Vice President
After having too much of a good time at all of JCUMSA’s events over the years, Tara decided she wanted to be involved in the behind-the-scenes planning, starting as a 4th year Events Rep and now as Events VP for 2018 and loving it! She lives for the excitement that comes with seeing everyone enjoy events as much as she does. Events VP involves overseeing the planning of JCUMSA’s social events throughout the year, and works with a team of amazing and dedicated Events Reps throughout our four sites (Townsville, Cairns, Mackay and Darwin). Tara is in her 5th year based in Townsville, and thrilled for the big year ahead.
Daniel Mahon
Publications & Promotions
Dan is a 3rd year medical student in Townsville and has been involved in JCUMSA for each of his 3 years, working on our Academic Team. His role in Pubs & Promos involves managing all of our social media, website and publications such as the JCUMSA Handbook! A bit of a tech nerd, Dan is obsessed with keeping up with the latest gadgets, apps and software crazes! This usually means he has access to all of our platforms at any given time of the day or night so if you ever have any questions about anything we do, send him a message through our JCUMSA Facebook page!
E: publications@jcumsa.org.auJCUMSA Facebook
Josh Liaw
Josh is a 3rd year medical student, and has been with the JCUMSA team for 2 years now. As the 2018 JCUMSA Treasurer his role oversees all of JCUMSA financial assets, payments and spending and making sure theres enough molla for all big events planned for you guys. Although he identifies as a Central Queensland rural kid, born out of the blistering heat of 100x suns and surfing up on QLD's finest beaches, don't be fooled. You'll only see this man in public playing Pokemon Go, making a fool of himself with bad fashion choices, and playing Pub G excessively. Regardless, he's here to help, so please let him know if you require any assistance!
Isabelle Nehme
After an incredible 2017 working on the JCUMSA team, Isabelle, a 3rd year medical student, is ready to throw herself into the secretary role this year. Isabelle has you covered with all of your needs, from Gold Memberships to meetings, elections and general operations. She has swapped bargain hunting in Melbourne op-shops, with helping you to get the best bang for your buck with our JCUMSA Gold Membership. This jellybean of enthusiasm loves a good chat +/- banter, a solid meme (or 6) and picking up (reasonably useless) new skills. Isabelle is delighted to answer any of your questions - no matter how big or small - and lend a helping hand.
Keegan Coomer
Sponsorship Officer
Keegan is a 4th year medical student based in Townsville for 2018 and has taken on board the role of Sponsorship Officer for JCUMSA as his first venture this year. He has a strong passion for social justice and is always seeking to broaden his horizons with international travel, experiences and friendships. His role of Sponsorship Officer involves liaising with medical indemnity companies, professional bodies, local and private businesses to help secure the best offers and opportunities possible for our student members. Keegan is looking forward to a great year on the executive and to welcoming new students into JCUMSA!
Shaurya Jhamb
AMSA Liason
Shaurya (Shaz) is a gentleman and a scholar of sorts known for his networking and strong instagram presence. Homing from the suburbs of Townsville, his sense of humour and willingness to make the best of every situation tie in well with his work hard, play hard attitude. Currently a clinical student in his 5th year, Shaurya is accompanied by extensive experience and leadership roles including the Australian Medical Students' Association (AMSA) National Executive and National Core Advocacy team. Skilled, motivated and as enthusiastic as they come, he is ready to build upon the work of last year and engage with the medical students of JCU. His role in JCUMSA involves representing the views of JCU medical students on local, state and national levels and form the conduit of communication between JCU and these organisations. The Liaison officer sits on the Queensland Medical Students' Council which forms a key stakeholder in the Australian Medical Association Queensland (AMAQ) advocating for state-based issues including internship allocations. On a national level, Shaurya is the primary representative of JCU at AMSA Councils and votes on policies and advocacy issues after thinktank discussions have taken place. If you'd like to know more, want to attend an AMSA event or are eagerly awaiting the next JCU Thinktank don't hesitate get in contact! Come say hello and spin a few yarns!
Pip Collins
Community & Wellbeing
Pip is your enthusiastic and hat-loving Community and Wellbeing Officer for 2018! Aside from enjoying Year 4, her interests include baking (she makes a top-notch oreo slice) mentoring, and spending time with friends and family. She is delighted be working with JCUMSA to make 2018 our most dynamic year yet! As your Community and Wellbeing Officer, Pip is passionate about promoting student welfare, especially regarding mental health. She is also excited to facilitate engagement with her local community through programs such as the Teddy Bear Hospital and ABC&D Volunteering at Cleveland Youth Detention Centre. If you have any questions or are feeling a bit lost, Pip is more than happy to help out, so feel free to say hello!


Jessica Zhuang
IT Officer
Sachin Joshi
Junior Sponsorship Officer
Jack Bryant
Junior AMSA Liason
Brinthen Prabakharen
Male Interfaculty Sports Representative
Madeline Brown
Female Interfaculty Sports Representative
Marishka Shah
International Students Representative
Anastasia Jensen
Indigenous Students Representative
Sachin Joshi
Med Revue Convenor
Nickolas Robinson
Med Revue Convenor
Lauren Gomes
Med Revue Convenor
Tiansha Zimsen
Teddy Bear Hospital Convenor
Vrushank Bakshi
Graduation Week Convenor

InPsych Team

Sar Ketheesan
Cortney Husodo
Vice President
Lauren Gomes
Georgette McKeough

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