Mental Health Days

It’s normal to be overwhelmed by university at times and it’s important to take a break when needed. University policy permits you to take unplanned leave when needed for Mental Health reasons (along with other medical/compassionate/extenuating circumstances as described in your subject outline).

If requiring such an absence, fill out the Leave Application form.

How do I access the leave application form?

There are separate forms for applying for leave in years 1-3 and years 4-6. Both forms are accessible via following these instructions after logging into LearnJCU >> Organisations >> CMD Medicine >> GUIDELINES | PROCEDURES | FORMS >> ATTENDANCE AND LEAVE >> MBBS 4-6 leave application form

What do I need to do?

Download the form and complete it electronically and email it to the MBBS email for your year level. E.g. [email protected]

How often can I take leave?

Technically as often as you feel necessary (a doctor’s certificate being required for >2 days duration of leave). This is taken from the JCU CMD Student Attendance and Leave Guideline and outlines the number of days of leave you can take before being required to remediate. If you’re in 4th and 5th year and you miss something really important the rotation supervisor or placement coordinator may assist you to make up the activity missed.

Where does ‘mental health-related leave’ fit into the prescribed categories on the form?

Mental illness is treated in the same manner as physical illness. Mental health-related leave is considered to be sick leave. In the clinical form, you may choose to elaborate on your illness, but this is not required. Submission of a doctor’s certificate, alongside the leave application form, is not required unless the leave extends >2 days’ duration.

What if I’m on Rural?

You are only required to submit a leave form for rostered placement days missed, not weekends (unless rostered on a weekend). If you are leaving your rural site on weekends, please email [email protected] stating this, but a physical leave form is not required.

MBBS Attendance and Leave Guideline

More information can be found in the “Student Attendance and Leave Guideline” on the Medicine Course site: LearnJCU >> Organisations >> CMD Medicine >> GUIDELINES | PROCEDURES | FORMS >> ATTENDANCE AND LEAVE >> MBBS Attendance and Leave Guideline