From humble beginnings

The James Cook University Students’ Association (JCUMSA) is the peak representative organisation for medical students at James Cook University. Currently the Society represents over 900 full-time medical students from all six year levels of the undergraduate course. It is one of the newer Medical student societies, after being founded in 2000.

In 2020, JCUMSA enters its 20th year of operation and continues to evolve. The Society has grown since its establishment, with a yearly JCUMSA Committee of over fifty members elected to support students of all demographics, each with their own needs, concerns and goals.

Our Mission

JCUMSA advocates for students on three levels.

  1. We work with the medical school locally to advocate about assessment, student feedback and improvements to our medical course.
  2. We work with the QLD Medical Students Council (QLDMSC) to advocate on a state level regarding changes to internships and during state elections.
  3. On a national level we work with the Australian Medical Students Association (AMSA) attending National Council and advocating on behalf of our students on national issues!

JCUMSA promotes and supports the well-being and interests of ALL our students irrespective of differences including, but not limited to gender, race, age, sexual orientation and/or religion.

We care about our students

Since JCUMSA’s establishment in 2000, we’ve advocated for supporting our students in pursuing their own goals for training, wherever that may lead them. 

Our Constitution

JCUMSA is a student organisation with student officials elected by the students for which it exists to serve. Everything we do is in abiding by the objectives and rules set out in our Constitution.

Events that excite

JCUMSA hosts a number of events over the year to bolster engagement in their student community;

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