Who We Are

The James Cook University Students’ Association (JCUMSA) is the peak representative organisation for medical students at James Cook University. Currently the Society represents over 1000 full-time medical students from all six year levels of the undergraduate MBBS course. It is one of the newer Medical student societies, founded in 2000 alongside the university’s first offering of the Bachelor degree program.  

With now over fifty elected members in our committee, we are committed to support JCU Medical students of all demographics each with their own needs, concerns and goals. We particularly work in areas of education and advocacy; bolstering wellbeing within the local and university-wide student community; and highlighting opportunities to engage with our valued partners.

JCUMSA is an organisation with student officials elected by the students for which it exists to serve. Everything we do is in abiding by the objectives and rules set out in our Constitution, found under the ‘Official Documents‘ tab.


JCUMSA advocates for students on three levels, overseen by the Academic Vice-President and Liaison Officer (AMSA Representative):


  • Academic – Handbooks and guides, placement and elective databases, Mock MSAT/ exam practice, pathways and support in research
  • Wellbeing – Resources to help with applying for leave and navigating common tricky scenarios during medical school, tips on managing work-life balance and options when seeking professional support

Events and Initiatives

JCUMSA co-ordinates numerous social, community and academic events over the year to bolster engagement within our student body:

Affiliate Clubs

We periodically collaborate with other JCU student groups including RHINO, SANTE, GPSN, JCUSurg, ASHA, Rainbow Generalists, JCUWAEM and INSAKA to co-host events and circulate information to interested student members.

JCUMSA also is the parent organisation for three special interest groups – MINT, JCU OBGYN and InPsych, each with numerous and valuable initiatives. We provide support with funding and sponsorship, member affiliation, disseminating information on new opportunities and facilitating committee elections.



Past JCUMSA presidents from our archived records:

2010Mr Rosh Samuel2011Ms Christine Perrone2012Ms Laura McAulay2013Ms Alex Hanson
2014Ms Jackie Holloway2015Ms Sophie Manoy2016Ms Sophie Manoy2017Mr Satyen Hargovan
2018Ms Maisha Jamali2019Mr James Coventon2020Mr Julian Pecora2021Mr Sachin Joshi
2022Ms Bianca Johnson2023Ms Abi Balaji

Since JCUMSA’s establishment in 2000, we’ve advocated for supporting our students in pursuing their own goals for training, wherever that may lead them. 


All JCU medical students are automatically ‘Ordinary Members’ of JCUMSA with rights outlined in section 5 of our constitution. Members receive quarterly updates to email inboxes, and are encouraged to follow us on our socials to stay in the loop regarding events and opportunities. Full access to resources, event tickets, voting rights and avenues to raise issues on any aspect of medical education with our representatives are also included. 

Your GOLD Membership

  • $10 per year, to enjoy plenty of benefits on top of your ordinary membership:
  • Exclusive access to discounted tickets on almost every store item
  • Ability to nominate and second applications in our annual elections
  • Groovy perks with our sponsors (list subject to change)