The Medicine Interest Network Townsville (MINT) is the physician interest group for medical students at JCU. Our team consists of clinical year students who liaise with doctors at the Townsville Hospital, including the Physician Training Unit.


We aim to:

  • Ignite interest in physician specialities
  • Inform on Physician Training
  • Facilitate networking with doctors from the Townsville Hospital & Health Service
  • Educate on and promote research
  • Provide opportunities to maximise clinical placement

Event List:

In 2022, MINT will host a number of informative and enjoyable events, including:

  • Monthly Coffee & Case Studies
  • GPA Resus – revision of core clinical concepts
  • Intern Resus – ward call scenarios
  • MINT x JCUSurg Med-Surg Challenge
  • JCUMSA Career Nights

These events are designed to ignite an interest in physician training, and are run by doctors from a range of physician specialties.

Plus, keep an eye out for the following:

  • Weekly MCQs on our Facebook & Instagram pages
  • Podcasts on registrar-led case discussions
  • Raffles filled with educational goodies & surprises!!

The 2022 MINT Team

Geraldine Le


Geraldine is a 6th year medical student based in Mackay and feels honoured to be the MINT Chair for 2022. Having been born and bred in Hong Kong, life took a major turn when she embarked on her journey to tropical North Queensland for uni in 2017 and has never looked back. She has dreams to pursue physician training in the near future, with particular interests in Endocrinology and General Medicine. She likes to read, bake and play piano in her down time, and it wouldn’t be surprising if you caught her sneaking out for a cheeky waffle cone from Baskins! She loves to teach and share resources with her peers, so feel free to contact her for any enquires around MINT or med school in general!



Ciyona is a final year medical student and is excited to be the Vice Co-Chair of MINT in 2022. Originally from Adelaide, she has come to love tropical North Queensland. Ciyona has an interest in becoming a physician and hopes to work with MINT in order to understand and gain knowledge about the basic physician training program and the profession. She hopes to further explore her interest by working alongside a team that is enthusiastic and passionate about medicine. Having served numerous leadership roles in different medical societies, Ciyona aims to use her leadership skills and abilities to bring new ideas to the MINT team and help organise enjoyable events including Coffee and Case Studies and the MINT Medical Challenge. Aside from medical interests, Ciyona enjoys cooking, traveling and hiking. If you see her around, please don’t hesitate to say Hi and have a chat!

Ruturaj Vaidya


Ruturaj is a 5th year student in 2022 and is very excited to be one of the vice co-chairs for MINT. Originally hailing from Mackay, Ruturaj has returned to his hometown to finish off the last few years of his degree. Throughout the years, Ruturaj has been involved with many other clubs in Medicine such as INSAKA, SANTE and JCUMSA and brings with him a wealth of experience in this field. Ruturaj’s biggest inspiration is his father, who is an Interventional Cardiologist, and he wishes to follow the footsteps of his old man in the future.



Yi-Jing is currently a 6th year student, and is excited to be the 2022 MINT secretary! Originally from Canberra, she moved to North Queensland to pursue her passion of becoming a doctor. As an aspiring future physician, she hopes to share her knowledge and interest with others. In her spare time, Yi-Jing enjoys reading, listening to music, watching movies and playing her violin. She loves to meet new faces, so if you see her around, feel free to say hi!


finance/ sponsorships officer

Hello! My name is Aneesha, and I am a 5th Year Medical Student and MINT’s Finance/Sponsorship officer for 2022. I am from Toronto, Canada and growing up I always use to enjoy playing Monopoly and dealing the cash. Hence, I thought I put my Monopoly skills to use as MINT’s finance this year 😊 I also enjoy working with sponsors and believe in creating mutually beneficial relationships where our students get MINTY FRESH discounts and products while companies get promotions. Finally, my favourite ice cream is mint chocolate and I love mint kit kat even if others call it toothpaste, so what better club to work with than MINT!

Kristi Mandal

media Officer

Kristi is a 6th year medical student based in Townsville and lives in Rocky. She is thrilled to be the MINT Media officer in 2022! Kristi is keen on a career as a physician with specific interests in respiratory. Aside from medicine, Kristi is excited to spend 6th year watching TV shows and gaining new skills with the freedom of no exams. Feel free to contact her with any questions or concerns.

Muskaan Singh

Doctor Liason Officer

Muskaan is an intern at Townsville University Hospital, and is extremely thrilled to be part of MINT as Doctor Liaison Officer for 2022. She is a JCU alumni, and decided to complete her internship in North Queensland for its unique training and research opportunities. Muskaan is keen to pursue a career as a physician, with a specific interest in Cardiology. If you see her on the wards, come say hi! She is always happy to chat, answer questions and be a friendly face around the hospital.

Naba Waheed

Doctor Liason Officer

Naba is an intern at Townsville University Hospital and is excited to take MINT forward as one of the Doctor Liaison Officers for 2022. Tropical medicine is her one true passion as she hails from the island paradise, Maldives, and naturally found the sunny North Queensland to be her next home. Becoming a physician has always been her career goal and she is dedicated to finding her ground in a specialty that suits her lifestyle best. She is extremely passionate with research, and is diligently continuing her work in various medicine specialties. If you see her on the wards, say hi! She is happy to teach, answer questions and be a familiar face around the hospital.

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