We advocate for our members on 3 levels:
JCU College of Medicine & Dentistry (JCU COMD)
QLD Medical Students Council (QLDMSC)
Australian Medical Students Association (AMSA)

Our Academic VP works with their Academic Subcommittee to ensure that any issues you may have with subject content, on-course assessment, examinations or any other academic concerns are communicated appropriately and resolved. We need feedback to help make change so let your Academic Representative (there are 2 in every pre-clinical year and 4 in each clinical year) know if you have any concerns!
If there are any questions please don’t hesitate to contact our Academic Vice President at [email protected]

The Liaison officer sits on the Queensland Medical Students Council along with the JCUMSA president. The QLDMSC liaises with the AMAQ (Australian Medical Association of Queensland) and advocates for state based issues such as intern allocations etc. The QLDMSC also has an intern support group and is growing to have a larger presence throughout Queensland.

The JCUMSA Liaison Officer role is centrally an AMSA one. The Liaison officer is the person that votes on behalf of JCU medical students in policy and advocacy issues on a national level. It is the job of the Liaison Officer to set up forums for discussions on policy within JCU (through ‘AMSA Think Tanks’ and Facebook groups etc) and represent the students concerns on three AMSA Councils throughout the year.
On top of this the AMSA representative is the voice at JCU for AMSA related matters from advocating with the weight of AMSA behind them as well as promoting AMSA events throughout the year. AMSA runs many events throughout the year such as the Global Health Conference (promotion is shared with SANTE), Blue Week (which is done with the Mental Well Being Officer at JCU) National Blood Drive (which is done by the Junior Liaison Officer at JCU), AMSA Academy, National Leadership Development Seminar (NLDS), AMSA National Convention. As such it is the job of the AMSA rep to organise students for the events (unless they are organised by other student interest groups such as SANTE and GHC).
There are also other conferences such as IFMSA, Asian MSA etc that the AMSA representative promotes.
If there are any questions please don’t hesitate to contact our Liaison Officer at [email protected]