Academic Team
Our Academic Team consists of our Academic Vice President and Representatives for each year level and campus location. Our Academic Team advocates for the needs of the student body within the College of Medicine and beyond as well as organises a wide range of Academic Events throughout the year.

 Academic Events Tickets

Buy tickets to the next Academic Event through our Store.

 Pre-clinical Academic Calendars
Your class timetable, synced to your phone on your chosen platform.

 Course Overview

All you need to know about subjects, textbooks, placements and assessments.

 Placement Database
Not sure what to put for rural preferences? Stuck on how to organise an elective placement? Past student reviews may help.

 JCUMSA Handbook
New! Updated each year, this is the guide to absolutely everything you need to know as a new medical student at JCU!

 Clinical Handbooks
The Clinical Guide to Focused Examinations, a very useful reference text for clinical students.

Latest updates on the issues we are advocating on your behalf.

Academic Team

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