Meet our Executive!

The core JCUMSA Executive is made up of 9 members who are responsible for the day-to-day operations of the organisation, planning our fantastic events and advocating effectively for our students.

President: Satyen Hargovan


Satyen is a 5th year medical student and honours candidate who has been involved with JCUMSA for each of his 5 years.  He feels a strong sense of duty to give something back to the organisation, medical school and local community that has given him so much. During his student career he has been an Executive Director of the Board of the Australian Medical Students Association (AMSA) and was the Convenor of the 2016 AMSA National Convention in Townsville – an event where he led a team of 104 students to run the largest student run-conference in the world!

His role as President involves managing the day-to-day running of the organisation and overseeing all 9 executive portfolios and the 5 subcommittee portfolios. He liaises regularly with the medical school to advocate for JCU Medical Students at a local level, the QLD Medical Students Council to advocate at a state-based level, and AMSA to advocate on a national level.

He is interested in creating a JCUMSA run with the best interests of the students in mind and wants to see JCUMSA grow further as the peak representative body for the medical students of JCU. In his spare time he thoroughly enjoys socialising with friends, sports (especially cricket and rugby union) and hospitality (with plans to hopefully open a speakeasy restaurant/bar one day).

He prides himself on being approachable to anyone at anytime, so don’t hesitate to let him know if he can ever do anything to help!

Academic Vice President: Ritvik Gilhotra


Ritvik is a 6th year medical student based in Cairns. This is his 4th year being involved in JCUMSA with previous experience as academic and events representative and he is thrilled to be a part of the executive and deal with the day to day functioning of the committee.

In his spare time Ritvik likes to be involved in sport and outdoor activities and within medicine he has a keen interest in serving the underserved alongside having a passion for International health.

His role as the Academic VP involves meeting regularly with all academic year representatives to discuss issues each year group is having, to plan academic events, and to come up with ideas for curriculum re-development. Ritvik then works collaboratively with year representatives to attempt to resolve issues and broach ideas with staff members of the COMD.

The academic calendar for 2017 looks packed and he aims to deliver a vast range of academic events for you and to make your experience through JCU medicine a lot more enjoyable and filled with lots of learning.

All in all, as an Academic VP, Ritvik genuinely has the opportunity to be quite heavily involved with decision making in the medical school, amplify the student voice and create tangible change. This is a substantial privilege and he is looking forward to serving you as the Academic VP of 2017!

Events Vice President: Katherine Rimmer


Katherine is in her 5th year of medicine and is based in Townsville for 2017. This is her 4th year involved with JCUMSA, being a Year Events Representative since 2nd year – hence Events Vice President was a perfect transition for her!

She is looking forward to working both with the executive and her amazing team of Events Reps across all sites to deliver the best events JCUMSA has seen to date. Her attention to detail and love for Events puts her in a perfect stance for this position, and her passion of putting on a stellar soirée shows through!

AMSA Liaison Officer: Reece Tso


Apart from being named after the most delicious peanut butter cups alive, Reece is here to give you a taste of the inner workings of the Australian Medical Student Association.  This Reece’s 4th year of study and 1st year involved with JCUMSA. He’s givin’ everything he’s got to make your time in Medicine fun and engaging!

The JCUMSA Liaison officer is the representative for JCU medical students on a local, state and national front. The job of the Liaison officer is to advocate for JCU students on a state and national level as well as represent those organisations at JCU.

The Liaison officer sits on the Queensland Medical Students Council along with the JCUMSA president. The QLDMSC liaises with the AMAQ (Australian Medical Association of Queensland) and advocates for state based issues such as intern allocations etc. The QLDMSC also has an intern support group and is growing to have a larger presence throughout Queensland. The JCUMSA Liaison Officer role is centrally an AMSA one. The Liaison officer is the person that votes on behalf of JCU medical students in policy and advocacy issues on a national level. It is the job of the Liaison Officer to set up forums for discussions on policy within JCU (through ‘AMSA Think Tanks’ and Facebook groups etc) and represent the students concerns on three AMSA Councils throughout the year.

Don’t hesitate to say hello if you ever see him around. He’ll always be down for a chat about anything!

Treasurer: Shaurya Jhamb


Shaurya Jhamb is a 4th year student based at the Cairns Clinical School and is the Treasurer for JCUMSA in 2017. This is his second year in the role on the JCUMSA executive and he is really enjoying his time so far. An all-rounder of sorts, Shaurya has a variety of interests that range from; throwing ridiculously mediocre chat, being the Talent Manger for Kanishk Chaudhary Music, or dancing up a storm with the Rhythms Bhangra lads, social media and current affairs as the AMSA National Executive’s Student Engagement Officer. His role in JCUMSA involves working with all four sites: dealing with budgets, and paying for all events. Basically, he spends and accounts for all the money. Also at the end of the year his role involves talking with accountants to ensure everything is “by the book”. In addition to this along with all of the fellow JCUMSA members he sits on the executive, and together they make decisions about the progression of the organisation. All in all, he’s excited to be part of the team, and is positive that 2017 is going to be a great year for JCUMSA and all it’s members.

Sponsorship Officer: Shalisa Maisrikrod


Shalisa (AKA Shaz 2, Shaurya Jhamb being Shaz 1) is our inimitable Sponsorship Officer for 2017. Shalisa has a passion for academics and providing opportunities for students to thrive outside of the medicine course, passions she hopes to develop in her role as Sponsorship Officer. Shalisa has previously been a part of the AMSA Convention Academic Committee and is starting her 4th year of medicine in Townsville.  In her new role she will liaise with medical indemnity companies, medical instrument suppliers, medical professional bodies and local businesses in an attempt to secure the best opportunities possible for our student members. She will also work closely with our Events VP, Academic VP and Community & Well Being Officer to promote JCUMSA’s events. While this is Shalisa’s first time in the JCUMSA Executive, she couldn’t be more exhilarated to begin her role and is confident that the JCUMSA Team will be able to make 2017 one of the most exciting years yet!

Secretary: Maisha Jamali


Maisha Jamali is a 3rd year medical student and in 2017 is the secretary for JCUMSA. Despite the pressures that can come with medicine, she has an avid love for the saying ‘Carpe Diem’ and is willing to get involved in anything and everything she can; including international health, cultural dance, AMSA and all things social.

As secretary, she is responsible for meetings, memberships, elections, the general operations of the executive and is your point of contact for anything JCUMSA related. Maisha is looking forward to not only working with the 2017 executive, but all the medical students of JCU for a prosperous and successful year ahead.

Community & Wellbeing Officer: James Conventon

Screen Shot 2017-02-11 at 1.12.25 pm

Beginning his clinical medicine journey this year, James “Covo” Coventon has enjoyed three vibrant years at JCU. He’s involved in all things med league, and enjoys working within JCUMSA. Last year he served as this Junior AMSA representative, attending his first AMSA council, running events and driving the movement for JCUMSA merchandise.

Covo continues his involvement in JCUMSA this year as the Community and Wellbeing Officer. He is particularly interested in mental health, and is passionate about enabling himself and others to become the strongest versions of themselves. As a local boy, he is also keen to continue JCUMSA’s involvement within the community. He has a well-rounded repertoire of strategies and ideas to make this possible, and is looking forward to another productive year, as well as a Med victory against Vet in the ANZAC Day Test.

Media & Publications Officer: Lisa Fernandez


Lisa is JCUMSA’s Media and Publications Officer for 2017. She is currently a 5th year medical student based in Cairns.

Apart from JCUMSA, Lisa loves travelling, Netflix and indulging in anything sweet.

This is Lisa’s third year being involved in JCUMSA, previously holding the roles of Sponsorship Officer and Secretary. The role of Media and Publications Officer is something that Lisa is excited to fulfil in 2017. This position involves advertising JCUMSA’s many events (both academic, social and other) through our Facebook page, Instagram (follow us @jcumsa), Snapchat (👻: jcumsa) and other exciting means. Our annual Tips for Students handbook has been freshly refurbished, and this position also allows JCUMSAs colourful and creative side to shine. Keep your eyes peeled all year for our updates!

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