An update from the JCUMSA IT Officer

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Website Redesign

By Eric Smith

Hello everyone,

As you may or may not know, the JCUMSA website is currently being updated and revised in order to make it more accessible to users as we break out in the 2020 year. With a variety of features to be added, and a plan to completely overhaul the design it’s fair to say there may be some issues with the website from time to time. Please do not be alarmed – JCUMSA’s FaceBook page will be readily providing updates as to the progress of the site update, and will advise users of any major changes to accessing content and resources. My intention over the next few months of the update is to try and collate a lot of the various outdated site pages into single pages altogether adding more opportunities for users to interact with the site and increase the site’s usefulness as a tool for getting up to date information for all of JCUMSA’s interests and events. Furthermore, the store feature is one other focus I’m working on trying to improve to make it easier for people to purchase tickets for events, merchandise, etc. and trying to integrate it with other JCUMSA-related stores. I am very much open to input as to guiding the direction of the redesign, and you can email me at [email protected]

I hope you can understand there may be some inconvenience caused as a result of all of this, but I hope that the end result will be worth it in the end.