So your final exams are done and you’re home free? Right? Well you definitely will not be nearly as stressed as I’m sure you will be 5th year but you still have a bit of work ahead of you before you make it to the grand finish line! Students are based in Townsville, Cairns, Mackay or Darwin for 6th year. The year begins in early January. Townsville, Mackay and Cairns have 5 eight-week rotations with a one-week break in between rotations. Darwin is a bit different and begins with a 20 week term, then a 12-week term and an 8-week term.This is your time to enjoy your hospital experiences without the stress of exams and learn everything you need to know to be one seriously good intern!

Terms for 6th Year include:

  • Rural Internship (you also have the chance to spend 6 months in either Longreach or Clonclurry which will encompass your rural, aged care and critical care terms)
  • Clinical Elective
  • Critical and Crisis Care ( Emergency, Intensive Care and Anaesthetics)
  • Aged Care and Rehabilitation ( Rehab, Geriatrics, Palliative Care and Oncology/Haematology)
  • Adult Health 3 (Medical speciality of your choice, Orthopaedics, Opthalmology, ENT)

Despite not having exams, assessment will still be required! As always! Most of your assessment is made up of case reports, discharge summaries and observed clinical encounters. The assessment had a definite clinical focus with the idea of preparing you internship and beyond. You will have one major assignment due middle of the year with three optional topics of Therapeutics, Basic Sciences or Ethics. You will also be required to keep a folder with attendance sheets, skills lists and log books for your Continuing Professional Development.

Get organising your clinical elective early! This is your chance to have a new experience in an area that you are passionate about! Whether it be staying at your local site, within Australia or overseas your elective will be one of the best experiences of med school!


Recommended Textbooks:

No real textbooks needed but a good handbook like Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine or On Call will be a good resource but they best way will be to look up what you have seen during the day and go from there!

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