Congratulations Class of 2022!!

Congratulations and welcome to our MBBS Graduation Week 2022! Ahead are all our ticket sales for the week and they shall be open till 5th of December.

Plus ones can be added as follows (please select the appropriate number of tickets in the cart page, and select the ‘I am purchasing ticket/item(s) for other person(s)’ box on the checkout page to enter names in order of priority and their respective dietary requirements):

  • Last Lecture (16th December): yourself and up to (1) plus one
  • Cocktail (16th December): yourself and up to (4) plus one’s
  • Doctor’s Breakfast (17th December): yourself only
  • Graduation Ball (18th December): yourself and up to (6) plus one’s

If you have more than the listed plus one’s please contact the committee at: [email protected]