The JCUMSA Clinical Skills Guide has been designed to get you the best start to the clinical years of medicine in JCU. This handbook is a compilation of focused examination thought to be necessary for a competent 4th year Medical Student. Examinations have been created from both the notes provided by JCU COMD’s Clinical School in conjunction with Tally O’Connor’s Clinical Examination: A Systematic Guide.

We hope this handbook can help ease your transition into clinical medicine. We would like to acknowledge Dr. Ellen West & Dr. Mai-Ing Koh, JCU Alumni Class of 2014 for their hard work and efforts in bringing this document together. We would also like to acknowledge the JCUMSA Executive and the JCUMSA Academic Subcommittee of 2017 for their continued hard work and dedication for the improvement and advancement of the of the student body’s experience whilst their time in JCU medicine and for their help in compilation of this document. Access the document by following the link below:

JCUMSA Clinical Skills Guide – Focused Examinations